Wednesday, July 13, 2011


An exciting start to the summer

I have just returned from Scotland, having first spent a weekend at Stirling University, teaching at a Quilters' Guild residential weekend and then a week in a very luxurious cottage, with my husband and son, on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

I flew from Norwich to Edinburgh and was picked up at the airport by Amelia (one of the weekend's organisers) who then drove us to Stirling.  It was raining and continued to rain for the whole weekend but that didn't dampen the spirits of the 90 plus quilters who arrived from all over the UK, determined to enjoy themselves and learn a few new techniques into the bargain. Both the accommodation and food was very good and the setting of the university, just spectacular (such a shame we couldn't get out and explore the campus in the rain).  Inside we were warm and cosy and with regular breaks for meals and coffee/tea, we had a great time.  It was my first residential quilting retreat and can heartily recommend it to anyone who might feel nervous about being there on their own.  It just doesn't happen when you are surrounded by quilters and all the 'first timers' were made to feel very welcome and included in everything that went on.

Our week's break on the Loch went by quickly and although the weather was mixed, Bob and Nick managed to get out and do all the walks and visits they wanted to.  On the Thursday, my three Scottish quilting friends Moira, Ann and Greta drove all the way from south of Edinburgh to visit me at the cottage, for the day.  We had never actually met before, but we have been great internet buddies for a few years.  We had a wonderful show and tell (as we had only been able to exchange photos up until then) and a long leisurly lunch overlooking the burn and a lot of chat.  It was one of those days which I will never forget.

Once home, I got busy finishing a new Block of the Month quilt I had been making, which will be offered by Region 9 of the Guild, starting on 1st January 2012,  to help boost their funds and for the benefit of the Young Quilters.  I had taken it unfinished to Scotland with me and signed up ten ladies there, but had not been prepared for the amount of enthusiasm shown since I have been home and finished the quilt.  I took it with me to my monthly meeting of the Nelson Quilters in North Walsham and we were even able to hand out application forms there.  There are a lot of non Guild members and they were really pleased that they were going to be able to join in.  Since then, Ros (Peedle) our Region 9 Co-ordinator has worked really hard to publicise the project in as many places as possible and I understand that it will be featured in 'The Quilter' magazine, as well as on the Guild website.  However, for those who do not belong to the Guild, you can see a photograph of the quilt and an application form can be downloaded from the Announcements, on the homepage of my website,  should you be interested. Don not hesitate to contact me by email if you want any more information.  The last time I did a project like this for the Quilters Guild Traditional Group, I thought we would be lucky to get 50 participants and ended up with 127.  This time, I am hoping for 100 and crossing my fingers that it goes the same way as before.

So, now it is only four weeks to the opening of the Festival of Quilts and once again Sue, Carin and for the first time this year, Ros and I will be driving to Birmingham, early on the Friday morning and staying until Monday.  As the Festival is early this year, Sue will be celebrating her birthday whilst we are there, so we shall have to do something special.  I am also teaching, for the first time, an Academy workshop on 'Colourful Wholecloth Quilting' on the Sunday and am very much looking forward to meeting everyone there.  The workshop is fully booked and I have been informed by various people I know, to expect to see them there.  I am sure it is going to be great fun.

I hope to see as many of my quilting friends as possible whilst in Birmingham, so do please come and say hello if you see me whizzing around (probably very slowly!!), it will be great to see you all again.

Happy quilting,


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