Saturday, July 08, 2006


Three Shows and being bogged down in Malvern

I have just realised that I haven't written anything for two months now and so much has happened. Malvern was almost a complete write off. We arrived at our rented barn on the Friday of the show. It started to rain then and continued throughout the weekend. I set off for the show on Sunday morning to arrive just as a fun run was finishing at the showground thus closing the car park for the show. I was diverted (in the pouring rain) to another car park much further away in a muddy field from which I had to squelch about half a mile to the marquees. By the time I got there, my shiny patent leather shoes were dull grey and my feet were soaking wet. Never mind, by the time I had walked around the exhibits, I didn't care. They were lovely and the usual friendly atmosphere of Quilts UK made everything OK. I was lucky enough to pick up two trophies for my cot quilt and for hand quilting and met up with Sue just in time for the prize giving. Sue had travelled from Bath where she was staying with her family and made a quick get away because the weather was so bad. After the show I had to rescue the car from what was now a quagmire and made a hesitant trip back to the barn along roads which were now more like mountain streams. The weather did not improve so, after only one morning of sunshine, when we were able to walk the hills, we decided to come home early. Another bad weather experience at Malvern.

It was a different story two weeks later at the Sew Creative Exhibition at Wroxham Barns when the sun shone the whole three days and at times we, who were demonstrating in the marquee, wilted visibly. Unfortunately, due to the World Cup, attendance was down on two years ago particuarly on the Saturday (England's first game) however, those who did make it, were treated to a lovely show with plenty of quilts to inspire and bags and raffle tickets to buy. I am pleased to report that just over £5,000 was achieved which is to be donated to the Norfolk and Norwich Breast Cancer Resource Fund. It was a really fun time and I did enjoy seeing all my friends over the long weekend. This event is only possible because of the dedicated work of Sylvia Graham and all those willing volunteers who help out through thick and thin.

Finally, last weekend, I sweltered again in the heatwave and travelled by train to stay with my son Nick and daughter in law Rachael in order to visit the National Quilt Show at Sandown Park, Esher. Nick and Rachael were preparing for their iminent holiday in Malaysia so Rachael had some urgent (clothes) shopping on the Sunday so Nick drew the short straw and accompanied me to the show. Every year this event seems to get smaller and this year as it was only over three days instead of four, a lot of the usual traders did not attend. However, I think that the standard of quilts was the highest I had seen in a long time and Nick and I enjoyed walking around and trying out my new (his old) camera which has provided me with a lovely photographic memory of the event. Once again, I was lucky and received three more trophies to bring home with me on the train. I am fast running out of shelf space!

The summer is well and truly upon us now and I am looking forward to visits by fellow quilters Sue Beardsworth from New Zealand and Carin Saga from Japan via Sweden. August will be busy as the annual trip to the Festival of Quilts must be made and this year Sue and I will treat ourselves to an evening trip with dinner on a barge on the Avon up to Stratford and back. We are looking forward to getting some fresh air in between our two days at the show which promises to be even bigger this year.

I hope that I shall be able to see some of you there.

Best wishes,


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