Monday, October 10, 2005


Jacquie's quilting blog.

Hello again!

I am safely back on dry land again and will bore anyone rigid with my tales of the high seas and five days in New York if you see me. Seriously though, it was a holiday of a lifetime and we both enjoyed it enormously. It was so nice that our son Nick was able to take us down to Southampton to board the QM2 and that he and his wife Rachael picked us up 12 days later at Heathrow airport.

Should any of you be planning a trip to New York, I can highly recommend the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museums of Folk Art and Art and Design. You will see several stunning quilts and lots of other truly inspiring artifacts - well worth the foot sores.

Surprisingly, I met another member of the Quilters' Guild on the Queen Mary. A sewing circle was arranged for each afternoon in the champagne bar (where else?) and amongst others, I met up with Jan Jones from Wales (where else?). Of course, she had never heard of me but when I mentioned the cover photograph of this quarter's 'Quilter' magazine, she remembered my work from the Festival of Quilts. It was so nice to meet up with other needlewomen and knitters and as always, the conversation flowed in a most companionable way. We did however have difficulty one afternoon in a force 8 gale - the captain just couldn't keep the boat steady and we had great difficulty in keeping our stitches even. That was also the afternoon that we all sat in splendid isolation and wondered where everyone else was!!

I did try to hunt for the one quilting shop in Manhattan but gave up. We must have walked miles each day and it would have been just a mile too far. I decided that no-one had time for things such as quilting in New York - I have never seen life lived at such a pace.

So, it is down to earth with a bump and back to normal. I have started the final workshops of the year to complete the lovely 'Quilted Block of the Month' quilts. They will all be finished and on show at the 'Sew Creative' Exhibition next year, I am sure.

I visited Nelson Quilters last week and was very impressed by the prolific work they produce to such a high standard and do hope that they don't mind me joining them in the future. They will, of course, be having an exhibition of theirnquilts in the Church Rooms (behind the Church) in North Walsham as part of the Nelson Bicentennial Celebrations on 21, 22 and 23 October. Do visit if you can.

I am now able to start an intensive few weeks of quilting and hope that you will come and see me at the Castle Museum on 21 January 2006 when you will be able to see what I have been up to. (see Castle Museum website for details)

Until next time,

Happy quilting.


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