Saturday, November 11, 2006


Where has all the time gone?

It is now the second week in November and I am wondering where all the time has gone since I last wrote.

Bob and I had a late holiday in Calella de Paragrugell (Costa Brava, Spain) and whilst we were there celebrated 40 years of marriage. How time flies! The weather was perfect and we stayed in a hotel we have known for several years who looked after us very well. Needless to say, a quilt started life there, on the balcony overlooking the Med. and it is now finished. I wish I had such a beautiful place to make all my quilts.

A lot has happened since we returned home. Firstly, I was told that 'Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day' had been judged into the final at the International Quilt Show, Houston. That was very exciting as Nick had taken the photo for me and had it transferred onto a slide (the Americans still like to have slides although that is about to change for next year), so it was a joint effort. Then I heard that the little miniature I had made to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary 'A Little bit of Love in Every Stitch', had been chosen as a prize-winner in the Miniature Quilt Contest in Yokohama. This too was very exciting and Carin, who attended the prize giving tells me that I am to receive a box of quilting goodies as my prize.

The icing on the cake was waking up a couple of weeks ago and logging on to the site and finding out that 'Tomorrow shall be my Dancing Day had won first prize in the Merit Quilting-Hand Category. I nearly fell off my chair. There is a money prize of $1,000 and I celebrated straight away by buying some wool wadding to try. I had previously decided that I would not travel to Houston this year as I had not liked the increased security at the airports and I am nervous of travelling on my own. However, I did have a moment of regret that I wasn't able to attend the prize-giving ceremony as it is very exciting in itself (a bit like the Oscars).

I am getting out and about a bit more by starting off the Autumn season by giving a talk to a group of quilters in Swaffam Prior, Cambridgeshire. They were a very welcoming group and once I got into my stride, it was as though I had never been away. I have a few more dates in my diary but do not want to commit to anything on a more regular basis. However, if there is anyone who would like to contact me with a view to giving a talk or a short workshop then please don't hesitate to say.

I have been to see the new exhibition of shoes, currently on at the Castle Museum, Norwich, which looks very interesting. Needless to say I met up with Iris Voegeli and Brenda Fisher there and we spent so much time nattering over a delicious lunch that we hadn't much time to see the exhibition before we attended a talk entitled 'Shoes in Art'. I really must make some time to go back for another look. There are some Manolo Blahnik's to DIE for!!!!

Sue Goodman drove myself and another friend down to the Autumn Fair at Chilford last week and we spent an enjoyable couple of hours looking around the quilts and more importantly the trade stands. Unfortunately, it being Friday, it was very, very crowded and we were all exhausted by lunchtime. It was impossible to stand on our feet for the time required to queue for the Chilford cafe so we headed off down the road to the local pub where we enjoyed a very pleasant lunch in peaceful surroundings. Normally, the catering arrangements at Chilford are good but somehow, this time, they were not prepared for the numbers who turned up.

I am currently finishing off everything I have started this year and planning my next project in my mind. Christmas, of course, gets in the way of everything but we are very much looking forward to having Nick and Rachael stay for a few days.

I will therefore take this opportunity to wish you all an early happy Christmas and a 'pieceful' new year and hope to see some more of you soon.

Best wishes to all,


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