Saturday, August 23, 2008



Hello everyone.

Well, the Festival of Quilts is now over and we all have a little time to sort out all the goodies we came back with before starting on new projects for the coming autumn.

It was great to see so many friends at the NEC and catch up with all the news. As I was there with two 'hats' on this time, I had even less time to spend with the quilts and if I have missed seeing some of yours, I do apologise. I was both stewarding and helping out on the Quilters' Guild Traditional Group stand, which was great as you get to meet up with a lot of different quilters from all over the world. This year there seemed to be even more foreign languages about and sometimes it was difficult to communicate with visitors. However, our common love of the quilts overcame all of that and we were soon oohing and aahing over the wonderful exhibition that made up the Festival this year. I think I got to see most of the Norfolk contingent and it was lovely to see so many familiar faces in the crowds.

Sue Goodman, Carin Saga (from Japan) and I travelled to Birmingham on the Friday and stayed until Monday morning to allow us to collect our quilts. When we arrived at the NEC we were greeted with the fact the Carin's exquisite miniature quilt (crazy patchwork on a black background) had won third prize in the Best Embroidery category and she was overjoyed. I did think that she might win a prize this year as her miniature last year received such high marks, I think she had just missed out. Watch out for her entry next year, it will be even smaller.

I have two quilts juried into Houston this year - very exciting! 'Flora' and Flora Grande' - both photos on the website. As they are both inspired by the Garden Quilts of the 1920/30's and made of the same fabric and thread (one full size wallhanging and one miniature)I wanted them to be entered into the same show and now it has happened. We will find out in a few weeks time if they have been successful.

I have a couple more teaching committments this autumn before the long winter sets in and I am looking forward to meeting the Quaker Quilters in Norwich in September and Region 2 of the Quilters' Guild in Surrey in early October. As a Surrey girl, born and bred, I am finding it fun to be able to go back, as an invited quilter, whilst I left 15 years ago as a tired out Mum, Business Manager and very part-time dressmaker. Patchwork and quilting were words which occasionally appeared in a magazine and I had no idea of the openings the craft would have for me once I started on a City and Guilds course (just for something to do), when we moved to Norfolk. Today, I have a new full time 'job' and just wish that there were double the hours in the day to fulfil all the ideas I have in my head. What a life!!!!

Happy quilting,


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