Wednesday, July 27, 2005


A date for your diary

I have recently been very honoured to be asked by the Costume and Textile Association in Norwich to give a talk about my work on Saturday 21 January 2006, at the Castle Museum. This will be a daunting task for me, mainly because the size of the lecture hall. I think that at a pinch it will seat a few hundred people but I am sure that I will only attract a handful of interested people so I am hoping that some of my friends might find the time to come and give me some moral support. To give the talk a slant on my interest in quilted clothing, I am currently researching and making my own version of an 18th C. gentleman's waistcoat which is in the Museum's collection. This is something I have been wanting to do for some time and now I am having a break from workshops, I have the time to devote to the intricate work necessary. I felt that it would be interesting for visitors to the talk to see how something so exqisite and historical can be interpreted with modern fabric and design. It will also give me a deadline to work to.

This is also the week when entries for the Festival of Quilts need to be packed and sent to the various collection centres prior to them being taken to the NEC later in August. I have sent my two small quilts (Small Traditional - 'Lullay my Lovely' and Quilting Guilds' Challenge - 'Blue and White') as they have been put on a roll and I am not too worried about them being tossed around in a warehouse for a couple of weeks. However, my little girl's dress 'Rosa' is another matter altogether. It is easily crushed and I avoided this problem at the National Quilt Championships by hand delivery and collection. However, this time I will have to consign it to a box so will wait to post it until the very last moment. It is a little disconcerting seeing the Quilters' Guild still asking for news of a quilt that went missing this time last year. Luckily a recent delivery from Lakeland has provided a stout box of exactly the right size so hopefully with the aid of lots of tissue paper and bubble wrap, the dress will arrive fairly unscathed.

Should you be in the vicinity of Salisbury this summer, in addition to the delights of the Cathedral there is a very interesting quilt exhibition on at the Museum (on the opposite side of the green to the cathedral). It is called the 'Spirit of Sarum' Faiths in Textile and having seen one or two of the entries, it looks very interesting and of high quality work. Unfortunately my visit to the Gala opening last Saturday evening had to be cancelled at the last moment and I am looking forward to making a visit later this year. The exhibition closes around mid October.

The summer is rushing by so quickly now and very soon the holidays will be over and serious quilting starts again. I am looking forward to catching up with many of you at the NEC (Sue Goodman and I will be there on Saturday and Sunday) as well as our reunion at Jackie Pestall's house in October.

Have a wonderful summer.


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