Thursday, December 03, 2009

The end of the year is fast approaching and looking back, it has been a very exciting one for me. My main preoccupation has been the completion of the ten projects for my proposed book, which hopefully will be published by Country Bumpkin Publications in Australia, in 2011. Work is progressing well and I am planning to complete the final project, a crib quilt, by the beginning of the new year. The text is under way and although daunting at first, is beginning to make some sense, if only to me. This has been a very exciting project for me, at my time of life and to have been given the opportunity has been enormously flattering. However, a lot of hard work still lays ahead and I have had to clear my diary of workshops and talks for the forseeable future, until it is complete. I do appologise to all of the groups and individuals who have asked me to visit them over the next year, for having to decline their kind offers. I would like to also thank my close friends for their continued support and kindness shown to me, particularly when little frustrations have shown (they will know who they are).

Bob, Nick and I managed to make our trip to Skye at the beginning of October despite the fact I succumbed to a bad attack of sciatica the day before the start of our holiday. What a wonderful place that is and my visit to the Skye Quilter's weekly meeting was a great success. I was welcomed as if I had already been a member for some time and I learned a lot from those lovely ladies, who managed to make wonderful patchwork and quilted items dispite the fact there were no fabric shops within 140 miles of the island. Hopefully, an article about my visit will be published in a future issue of Patchwork & Quilting magazine. My thanks also goes to Jennifer (their leader), who invited us to visit her and her husband at their home on the north west tip of the island. This provided us with yet another stunning trip through glorious scenery with a fabulous show and tell of Jennifer's quilts at the end of it.

I have been asked by Grosvenor Exhibitions to provide a selection of my quilts to display at an exhibition at The National Quilt Championships, Sandown Park as well as all the Autumn Quilt Festivals next year. It has been an interesting exercise to sort through items I have made over the years to see how my style has developed and changed. They have very kindly allowed me to show some of my quilted clothing as I feel that they form a very important part of my work and should exhibit alongside the quilts. I am planning to be at Sandown in June, so hope to meet up with some of you there.

I wish you all and your families a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and here's hoping I get to see more of you next year, when time allows.

Happy quilting,



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