Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Visit to the National Quilt Championships 2005

I have just returned from spending my annual weekend with my son Nick and his wife Rachael who very conveniently live within 15 minutes drive of Sandown Park Racecourse. It gave me the opportunity to start to fit Rachael for her 'posh' frock for the wedding they will be going to in August as well as visit the show on Sunday.

The weather was very pleasant as it normally is for the show weekend and I arrived at about 11.00a.m. I don't know if it is me or any of you out there who might have been too might have noticed that the show appears to cover less ground each year. I know that floorspace is expensive but a show that once covered two floors of Olympia is now just a single floor of the racecourse grandstand. It was however, very pleasant to walk around and Nick and Rachael arrived just in time to picnic in the attractive surrounding of the collecting ring.

The quilts this year were quite varied with the Theme Quilts - "Floral Splendour" taking pride of place. It was lovely to see Norfolk represented by Maureen Stebbings' with "Hilda's Quilt", Vivienne George with her "Fleggburgh Village Sign" and Sue Sidle's entry into the Hoffman
Challenge with "Ribbon Development". I must admit that I was puzzled with some of the judge's decisions this year and thought that Sue was particularly unlucky with not to pick up a prize. However, at the end of the day, it really is just a bit of fun and if like me you enjoy a bit of a challenge and having a deadline to work to, how about having a go and entering something next year? I understand that next years' Special Theme Category is "Baltimore Beauties". Now, we all know how many beautiful Baltimore quilts have been made and I know some are still being finished. So go on, don't be shy, pick up an entry form from Grosvenor Exhibitions (see 'Fabrications' magazine for details) and have a go.

I was one of the lucky ones again this year and was awarded a trophy for first place in the Miniature Quilts category. My little girl's dress came third and will be going on to the Festival of Quilts in August.

My day finished with Nick making us a lovely meal of cold chicken salad followed by strawberries and cream. A bottle of champagne was popped open and I sat and reflected on how well I did in producing such a clever and considerate son. He even accompanied Rachael and I around the trade stands for most of the afternoon - obviously very well trained!

Luckily, all the trains home were on time for once and the promised strike on the Bittern Line had been cancelled.

I am just finishing off a few things today so that tomorrow I can concentrate on packing the suitcases ready to go to Majorca on Thursday.

I do hope that the exhibition went well at Wroxham Barns over the weekend and I look forward to seeing some of you over the summer holidays.


Sunday, June 12, 2005


Welcome to my new blog!

Today,my son Nick has helped me set up this blog. I am hoping that it will keep me in touch with all my quilting friends and ex students as well as being able to let you all know what I am currently up to and what may be going on around the quilting world.

Firstly I would like to thank you for the many cards and gifts received over the past weeks prior to my taking a rest from teaching. You have been very understanding with regard to my reasons and I am now looking forward to being able to take some time out to explore some new ideas and spend some time travelling.

I have already been 'booked' by my new daughter-in-law to make her a glamorous outfit for a very 'posh' wedding in August and I am thrilled at the prospect. Let us hope that it lives up to both our expectations.

At the moment I am working very hard to finish a small quilt for the Quilters' Guild challenge at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham in August. I shall also be displaying a crib quilt ('Lullay my Liking') in the 'Traditional' category and a child's dress ('Rosa') in the 'Quilt Creations' category. I know a lot of you will be taking coach trips to Birmingham and I shall look forward to seeing you there on either the Saturday or Sunday.

I shall be travelling down to Sandown Park for the National Quilt Championships in two weeks time and am hoping to be able to congratulate Sue Sidle on her excellent Hoffman Challenge entry. This year's challenge fabric was very challenging indeed but Sue had no difficulty in using it to full effect. I am hoping that she will improve on last year's Runners Up prize.

I shall be writing bits and pieces on here from time to time so if you are interested keep looking.

Until next time, happy quilting,


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