Monday, April 16, 2007


Spring has sprung

It seems only yesterday that I wrote my last blog but looking back, it was last November. Where has all the time gone?

We are now enjoying this beautiful spring weather with all the wonderful flowers and birdsong it brings and I am finding that my quilting year is beginning with various trips to shows, giving talks and writing some magazine articles.

My first trip was to Chilford for the Spring Quilt Festival and I really enjoyed seeing the Scottish Poetry and Prose inspired quilts by the students of Pat Archibald. I had already seen them in a previous magazine article but in the flesh, they were even better. There was also a celebration of the work of Gisela Thwaites who recently died and it was wonderful to see a lot of her creations together although rather poignant to see her last unfinished quilt as though it was waiting for her to take it up and sew again. A quick trip around the trade stands and a chat with a few old friends filled a very pleasant day.

I gave a talk early this month to the Nelson Quilters who very kindly have accepted me as a member. Even I was amazed at the amount of work I have completed over a comparatavely short time and it was very nice to hear the kind comments made. Another talk to the U3A will take place at the beginning of May. I am really enjoying getting out and about again and meeting up with quilters both old friends and new. It has made me think that I might quite like to give a few more talks or even the occasional workshop - just to keep my hand in you understand. So, if there is anyone out there with a group who would like any of these (during daylight hours only please) do get in touch via my website I would love to hear from you.

Although I haven't been far, my quilts have. I received my miniature 'A Little Bit of Love in very Stitch' back from Japan just before Christmas and 'Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day' is back in the US taking part in the Spring Festival in Chicago only as a guest. I wish I could accompany them! Unfortunately, due to a family wedding I will not be able to make it to Malvern this year but a little cot quilt entitled 'In the Pink' will be there flying the flag for me.

I do hope to be able to see more of you all this year so until then,

Happy quilting,


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